English Business Masterclass


Presentation skills

Wouldn't it be great if you could get high quality, up to the minute business and management training in your own business right here in Warsaw?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if that could be delivered in English by an English management professional with a solid twenty-year track record in tandem with a highly educated Polish linguist. Better still if those people could draw upon practical experiences gained in four countries including Poland, working with company owners, directors and managers from all over the world.

And to cover all the boxes, wouldn't it be brilliant if simultaneous translation was available on demand.

If only! The chances of finding this on your doorstep are remote.

But look no further! Now with Interpersonal's 'Select Service and in conjunction with our English Lead Consultant, George Sandford, this is now a reality.

If you are really serious about bringing your business bang up to date, and maximising the potential of all of your employees with modern, practical and easy to apply management tools, this is the one for you.

Contact us for a free consultation. It makes good business sense.


We would like to offer you a course introducing the key elements of successful business presentations. In today’s business, presentation skills are increasingly important. We present at conferences, formal and informal business meetings. Working in an international setting means using English, which has actually become the international language of business. Our training is therefore combined with a short  course on linguistic aspects of presenting in English. 

Who should attend?

Business owners and employees who need to give professional and convincing presentations to clients and senior managers. Required minimum level of English: intermediate (B1)

Programme language

The course will be delivered in English by a native Englishman in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Content of business presentation training

Understand audience and self-perception

Use a highly effective model for preparation and planning

Choose and use appropriate visual aids

Use passion and commitment to deliver persuasive messages

Harness body language to amplify the message and build credibility

Work in a range of presentation environments including meetings

Deal effectively with nerves and anxiety

Handle difficult questions with confidence


 Programme Leader:

George Sandford

George Sandford is an experienced management coach and consultant. During his career he has trained approximately 50,000 people including Chief Executives, Directors, Doctors, Politicians, Academics and Business Managers.

In the UK, he specialised in Performance Management and Employee Appraisal and designed and introduced schemes for many government bodies including Cumbria County Council and Carlisle City Council. He also worked on Change Management Projects.

He has personally worked with Management thinkers and authors such as Honey and Mumford (Learning Styles) and Meredith Belbin (Team Roles). He has lived and worked in the UK, France, Portugal and Poland and devised and hosted the prestigious Lisbon Learning Conference attended by delegates from the British, Portuguese, South African and Israeli Embassies and business representatives from Europe and South America.

Since moving to Poland in 2007, he has specialised in individual coaching primarily at senior manager and Diector level with well known banks and multi-nationals.



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